Verifi H2O is an innovative water-monitoring platform delivering real-time water quality intelligence. Our water quality surveillance systems are based on proprietary, advanced material technologies that enable the rapid detection of pathogens, contaminants, and chemicals of concern. Verifi’s systems provide customers with reliable, actionable data to make time sensitive decisions.


Nomad open1

Sentinel Pro



A mobile device for the non-regulated consumer & residential market designed for on-the-go consumer usage that can provide results on up to 3 different assays in 5 minutes.


An automated device for the non-regulated market; for monitoring contaminants in water plumbing systems and rapidly providing presence/absence results daily or as needed.


Sentinel Pro

An automated device for monitoring water contaminants in regulated or non-regulated commercial markets such as cooling towers, health care and hospitality facilities; capable of providing rapid, quantitative results at the touch of a button while utilizing different contaminant assays.

Sentinel Pro Mobile

A mobile device with the same components, features and benefits as the Sentinel Pro.



An in-line device for regulated and non-regulated industrial applications capable of generating results for up to 250 different contaminants within 25 minutes of testing. With modular testing capabilities, the system is customizable to meet the needs specific to the customers’ needs and processes.