Many of us don’t REALIZE the challenges that lie behind getting clean water to our taps. 

Growing levels of contaminants, pathogens and pollutants have prompted the need for IMMEDIATE detection, plus a more rigorous monitoring of surface and groundwater:

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Increasing amounts of pharmaceutical drugs in the water system

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Pesticide and herbicide contamination

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Contaminated river and lake sediment 

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Storm water runoff, contamination, flooding, and combined sewer overflows 

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Industrial waste and animal feeding operation water pollution 

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Agricultural & urban-use contamination of surface and ground water 

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Hydraulic fracturing, coal-bed methane, and other energy extractions that contaminate water 

In addition to potential contaminants, there are 2 MEGA TRENDS impacting several states in the US:

(1) the Aging water and wastewater infrastructure.

(2) an inadequate control and monitoring of the aquifers that supply drinking water.



Each year, an estimated 5 million deaths worldwide are caused by contaminated water. Providing safe drinking water is one of the main missions of the water industry and water utilities. VerifiH2O provides patented technology for real-time, continuous monitoring of water.


The contamination of wastewater with endocrine-active substances from the increasing amount of pharmaceutical drugs has a negative impact on ecosystems and human health. If the wastewater is released into the environment without any form of treatment, it will then pollute drinking water supplies in the process.

Conventional sewage treatment plants are generally not up to the task of detecting certain substances in a rapid manner. VerifiH2O technology will.


Agriculture is the world’s heaviest user of water, most of which is used for irrigation, accounting for about 70% of water use. Irrigated agriculture contributes to 40% of the world’s food production.

VerifiH2O technology provides instant detection of pesticide and herbicide pollutants in water.


Industrial water use accounts for between 20-30% of total water consumption. Water plays an important role in many industrial processes, from the extraction of natural resources in oil & gas or mining, to supplying the microelectronics and pharmaceutical sectors with ultrapure water.

Energy is an important input factor in industrial production, and roughly 75% of all industrial water withdrawals are used for energy production and cooling.

VerifiH2O technology can detect fracking chemicals or CAFO (concentrated animal feed operation) pollutants with continuous water monitoring technology.


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