Customized water test for where you live

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VerifiH2O’s (patented pending) consumer water testing system combines compact test cartridges and high-sensitivity detection systems that allow portable, real-time water quality monitoring in the home.  

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VerifiH2O’s automated testing system diverts small samples of water without disrupting the supply.

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VerifiH2O’s (patent-pending) internet-enabled device and app-based interface enables convenient remote round-the-clock monitoring and automatic alerts of water contamination to give you confidence in the quality of the water entering your home.

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VerifiH2O’s test cartridges are modularized to provide tailored monitoring for specific water quality hazards in your area.

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Data collected from multiple users can be viewed as a heat-map of potential hazards in your area.


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VerifiH2O is developing biosensors for detecting water contaminants using cutting-edge, patented biosensor technologies with globally recognized partners. 


VerifiH2O’s technology includes modules for detection of chemical and biological contaminants that pose a risk to the quality of your home water supply including: fracking chemicals and heavy metals, estrogen and chemicals from prescription medicines, as well as bacteria such as Legionella and Crypto-Giardia.