Biosensor Technology

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VerifiH2O is developing multiple biosensor technologies for detection of a range of chemical and biological water contaminants.

At the heart of the system is an infrared (IR) laser spectroscopy system. Light at IR wavelengths is absorbed by the vibrations and rotations of molecules allowing spectroscopic analysis to identify the unique fingerprints of different chemical and biomolecular contaminants.

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VerifiH2O and our partners are developing detection technology based on patented anti-stokes up-converting nano-crystals. The unique properties of the crystals will up-convert incident laser light into higher frequencies not present in nature. This technology permits detection without background noise allowing higher detection sensitivity. 

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VerifiH2O is developing a piezo-electric biosensor that is able to detect the presence of bacteria and other biomolecules by changing the vibrational properties of the piezo-electrical sensors when contaminants stick to their surface. By coating the piezo-electric sensors with specific antigens this technology is able to interrogate the water for supply for specific contaminants.

VerifiH2O biosensor technology includes fluorophor-labeled antigens than bind to specific bio-contaminants. Conjugation to magnetic beads allows concentration of contaminants for faster more reliable assay.

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  • VerifiH2O’s water testing technology is designed to for detection of a wide range of contaminants including: heavy metals from aging water pipes and infrastructure, chemicals from industrial and agricultural effluent entering rivers and aquifers, hormones and prescription chemicals from domestic waste water, errant bacteria from waste management and water recovery, river and lake sediments after flooding.
  • The VerifiH2O water testing system is designed to give continuous real-time water testing. Current lab testing of water quality in the main supply is lengthy and expensive and may be infrequent
  • The modular nature of the VerifiH2O’s automated testing system allows tailoring the detection system to local needs